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The iPhone 5 is coming – see what accessories you should be investing in now!

Now that formal announcements have been made and the most highly anticipated smartphone of the year is due to be released, makers of cases, holders, carriers and shields are swiftly manufacturing accessories for the latest installation of one of the most-loved gadgets in the world.  Here’s a look at some of the best products to go along with your new toy.

Breffo Spiderpodium

If you plan on showcasing your new iPhone on your coffee table or if you have a more practical need for a gadget stand, like using it as a holder while you drive or cycle, this cute but not so cuddly arachno-stand is just the thing for you.  This colourful ‘take it everywhere, use it anywhere’ Spiderpodium for smartphones expands and contracts to fit just about any phone, curls up in your pocket when you don’t need it then bounces back to it’s spidery glory once you liberate it. Great for your office desk and flexible enough to be used in just about any position at any angle in any location. Available at breffo.com for £15.

Breffo Spiderpodium

Breffo Spiderpodium – stuff.tv

Griffin Kazoo for iPhone 5 case

Expensive it may be but that’s no reason not to have a little fun with your brand new phone. Griffin Technology’s KaZoo range includes an elephant, monkey, koala and tiger – a cute range of cartoonish animals to keep your device safe and warm.  KaZoo and Animal Parade also offer free apps to make your screen background match your animal case.  Get a furry (silicone-coated) friend on the Kazoo website for £19.99.

KaZoo animal cases

KaZoo iPhone 5 animal cases – TheGuardian.co.uk

Cygnett UrbanShield case

Providing a slicker, more sophisticated option for your iPhone, Cygnett’s UrbanShield case suits if you consider your device more of a business tool than a haven for fun apps and frivolous photos.  The carbon fibre case is also available in brushed aluminium for £25 at cygnett.com.

Cygnett iPhone 5 case

Cygnett iPhone 5 case – cygnett.com

Belkin ProFit Armand

An iPhone may seem a little bulky and cumbersome to run around with but the Belkin ProFit Armband may convince you to give it a go with it’s enticing sci-fi, militaristic looks and comfortably-fitting, water-resistant Lycra and neoprene casing. A custom clasp ensures that you don’t have to readjust your iPhone set-up on the go so you can just focus on the task ahead. Available in ‘Blacktop’, ‘White’ and ‘Day Glow’ for £25.

Belkin ProFit Armband


Lightning to 30 pin Adapter

Now here’s an accessory you will actually need following Apple’s change from the 30 pin port to the smaller ‘Lightning’ connector now used on the devices.  As irritating as this change is at least there’s a remedy.  Available for £25 on apple.com this precious little thing converts digital to analogue making sure your iPhone 5 is compatible with your current docking stations.

iPhone5 Lightning Dock connector


Apple Earpods

I’ve gone through so many Apple earphones that I decided to forget brand loyalty in this instance and buy no-name cheapies.  Having seen the error of their ways with previous earphone design (mainly their durability), Apple has developed a superior audio accessory with an in-line mic and a convenient remote placed on the cable so you can hang up phone calls, adjust playback and control the volume. The sound quality is said to be so good it rivals earphones worth hundreds due partly to ergonomic ear-tips in different sizes to reduce outside noise and fit both ears perfectly.  The Earpods come with the phone but can also be purchased separately for £25.

iPhone 5 EarPod headphones






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