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Google captures another acquisition – Snapseed imaging app to rival Instagram?

Things are about to get very interesting in the world of aged sepia filters and washed-out lighting effects. The acquisition of imaging tool Snapseed by Google follows Facebook’s recent buy-out of Instagram and will most certainly see Google create an equivalent photo-editing service for Android and Google+.

The photography tool developed by Nik Software is set to give industry leader Instagram a run for it’s money with backing from Google.  The company has been a stalwart in digital imaging innovations and a quiet pioneer for photography professionals, now bringing that cutting-edge technology to amateur shutterbugs everywhere.  Snapseed Mobile was launched for the iPad in June 2011 and was named iPad App of the year within six months of release.  Within its first year on the market it gained more than nine million users, having been adapted for the iPhone last August, then making the software available on the Mac OS and Windows.  They are reported to be working on an Android version.

Snapseed vintage effect

Snapseed Vintage effect – Snapseed.com

Having received rave reviews for its ‘powerful correction capabilities’ and multi-touch photo editing interface, the app allows users to ‘edit photos, add filters, and share them on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, or via email’, according to PC Magazine. At $4.99 Snapseed is a little more expensive than a lot of iPhone apps but this seems not to have deterred eager snappers from investing in it.

With 400 million people signed up for Google+ since it launched last year, this is sure to be a healthy partnership for both companies and although the financial details of the joint venture have not been disclosed it would appear the people behind Snapseed are very optimistic about the increased market share this merge is expected to bring – “Our vision is to deliver a photo editing experience so fun, so easy, and so powerful that Snapseed will be the only photo editing, tweaking, sharing app you’ll want to use everywhere, every day.”



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