Game review: Battlefield 3

With Telkom just having announced the 2012 launch of a Battlefield 3 online league, under its Do Gaming banner, a review of the game itself is obviously in order. Gearburn’s Steven Norris tried out this eleventh instalment in the Battlefield franchise:

Single player woes

While stunningly animated, the focus on providing a cinematic experience for the player makes for very linear game-play in single-player mode. Control is removed and what you’re left with is really more of an awesome-looking shooting gallery.

It’s all about the multiplayer

Player progression is a huge plus in multiplayer. Apparently, according to the designers, it would take years to unlock every add-on, gun, badge and perk. Points are awarded for every action and rewards are unlocked all throughout. Play is flexible and you are free to change your strategy at will.

Blow a hole in it

Destruction in this game is beautifully realistic and rich, with buildings slowly disintegrating and rubble building up in the streets as the body count mounts. For instance, a hole that you blast can immediately be used as a pathway into a building you couldn’t enter before…

Click here to read the full review and see Gearburn’s final verdict.

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