Who’s tweeting anyway? – the Twittersphere dissected

As one of the few humans left who not only has internet access but a smartphone and no Twitter handle (gasp), I felt I had to at least make an attempt at educating myself on the micro-blogging sphere that is Twitter.  So I found out whether or not I should be tweeting, what I should be tweeting and who else is occupying those 140 characters.

Who’s tweeting?

According to, the end of 2011 saw over 100 million active Twitter users, the top three countries being the U.S., Brazil and Japan.  With the UK inching into the top three in 2012. These countries account for 175 million tweets a day. Surprisingly female users are just ahead of men. To be more specific – “The average Twitter user is an American woman with an iPhone, 208 followers and a purple background on her profile,” as reported by the  Women users also account for the majority of active profiles.  It seems women (naturally pre-disposed to self-expression as we are) have more to say and make more time to say it.  Women also use the service more than men, having averaged a use of ‘610 times, compared to 567 tweets for men’ and most of these tweets originating from iOS devices with a staggering 69 per cent of Twitter users using an iPhone.  The most active age group was 15-25, with users aged 25-34 doubling in the last year.


Having found that I fall very close to the average Twitter user, I may consider using this short-hand method of expression and share my mundane thoughts with the world.  All those millions of women can’t be wrong?  Seeing as the majority of tweets are of a personal (and unnecessary) nature, rather than business-related, everyone can jump on the bandwagon secure in the knowledge that no mention is too small in the micro-blogging world.

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