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The Silent Circle has taken even bigger steps forward and became the silent killers. The successor to the Blackphone ,silent circle has now released the Blackphone 2 and tablet Blackphone +,something to look forward to .

blackphone-2 EDITEDBy Palesa Sehloho

Many companies have taken advanced steps in order to eradicate the recent high profiled hack-ins. Popular companies have been breached, with many other companies experiencing unforeseen “loopholes” in their system. The first edition of the Blackphone, released 30 June 2014, was introduced by the Silent Circle as the world’s first enterprise privacy platform. The Silent Circle does not only offer the platform of privacy through the Blackphone but through software and apps that allow you to protect your PC and enterprise from external threats such as hack-ins.

The Blackphone 2, according to NewsBrief the Blackphone 2 wasn’t the only phone that was displayed at the 2015 Mobile World Congress, but with an addition of the Blackphone Tablet named the Blackphone + on the same day. The Blackphone 2 is powered by a 64 bit octa-core processor, 5.5 inch full HD,3 GB of RAM, gorilla glass screen and a 1080p display which marginally better than the Blackphone .It allows you to choose the level of privacy such as communication been tracked and data access. The Blackphone + which is the tablet, which has similar features to that of the Blackphone 2. It runs on the Silent Circle OS which comes with their access control, security and privacy. Getting all the computing power of a PC in tablet form.

Having your bundles and your voice communication protected, which is made possible through Silent Circle’s OS, is a definite win. All of this seems to be some sort of reassurance that you are safe from the cyber boogyman, and that all of your personal information and “selfie” pics stay private .No longer will you have to sleep with one eye on your screen.


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