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Wearable technology : “its not a watch ,its a cuff…”

Will.i.am has always been a fashion forward musician , now turned businessman has created a wearable tech "watch" that is untethered and allows you simple phone-like pleasures in the form of a cuff.

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By Palesa Sehloho

Gucci and i.am+ have collaborated to create a Timepiece setting the standard for their wearable tech era. Their creations have combined the techno world with the fashion world calling it the age of “fashionology”, which Will.i.am has claimed rights to naming. Wearable technology has become a thing of the future. Will.i.am, ex- black eyed peas member has created a wearable techno wrist band which allows you to gain the same cell phone access, into a fashion “wrist watch” accessory.

The PULS has been created with the idea of an easy to use, functional fashionable wristband, according to PULS.com… “It is a smart watch that is able to play music and send messages untethered to any mobile device. It is more than a smartwatch that connects to a smartphone to be functional. It is a phone in itself.” Its operating system which is called AneebA is built on the groundwork’s of Android, and suitable for the wearable tech. Its OS appearance has a slick swipe functioning that allows you to easily respond to messages and delete them on demand, by swiping left or right. It has a tiny QWERTY dialling pad similar to that of a cell phone along with history voice calling and a contact list. The PULS runs on a 1 GB RAM, it has 16 GB onboard memory, 1.7 inch PMOLED screen, Dual core 1.5 GHz, GPS/AGPS and Bluetooth 4, 0.

Although the idea of wearable technology has been done before, we shall give props to Will.i.am for the idea of a wearable techie wrist band phone thingy. Even though we do not really know how to categorise this gadget, since the musician insists that it not be called a “watch”. It’s chunky and not very fashionable, but holds a lot of features which would come in handy.


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