Telecommuting – tech and the new office culture

The ’90’s have officially left the building.  A day working from home need not be any less productive than a day spent in the office.  Wired-up phones, internal networks and high speed broadband have encroached on our personl lives so much that we can barely call in sick without being contacted with a work query.  So why not just work from home and raise your family concurrently, skip the rage-enducing commute and meet deadlines without the constant office chatter, time-wasting water-cooler gossip and endless schedules of pointless meetings?

Working from home is on the rise, not only because enduring recessions have left many not affording nannies and put a lot of people out of formal employment anyway but because it’s so much easier now.  Technology has greatly  increased our productivity outside the workplace and while emplyers may worry about lazy workers burning daylight hours on Facebook rather than work, there is the bonus of lower office rentals while remote staff use their own PC’s, electricity and drink their own teas and coffees.  It also means there’s less time off for doctor’s appointments and no fake illnesses for long weekends.

Smart firms and offices are beginning to see the benefits of not ‘housing’ their employees and in essence creating a happier, healthier workforce that is still contactable and responsible for their contracted deliverables.  According to, ‘productivity is hard to measure’ as it is and working from home makes ‘sense as long as the real estate savings were enough to offset the expected drop in productivity from letting employees work at home.’  Technology cannot replace a good work ethic but it could actually make the work day longer, make your staff happier and save company money.

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