Coffee or gaming ?




By Palesa Sehloho

Gaming could possibly be the next best thing that’s happened since caffeine filled drinks. We speak on behalf of Doctors, Architects, Journalists and anyone else that works till their brain collapses. Even the most stuck up professionals enjoy gaming. The idea of video games to most, that don’t enjoy them would be “…how childish”. What they don’t know is how healthy it is to the alternative cup of coffee, filled with caffeine that’s not good for the heart or constant energy drinks, looking for the extra spike of energy. Chain smoking every free moment you have? Gaming on the other hand is fun, relaxing and a good way of taking focused breaks.

Research done by the University of Rochester (UR) show that gaming trains our brain to make faster decisions, without risking our ability to maintain accuracy at the same time. It also helps us with the simple day to day tasks like simple calculations, time management, internal mapping (navigation), concentration and creativity. Gaming keeps the mind busy and away from intoxicating things, students or anyone else for that matter, could possibly be doing in their spare time.

Remember… anything good could also be bad for you, but this refers to those who cannot control their constant gaming urges. We cannot deny that gaming is definitely addictive. Identifying the negative side to gaming, this is a lot less in adults than kids. Research done by the UR has shown that playing violent games could cause aggressive thoughts as a short term and long term effect, as well as edginess. We would not know how true this is in reality, but what we do know is that too much gaming may cause obesity, carpal tunnel syndrome and other stress related issues. In simple words it could cause “couch potato syndrome”. Gaming could also become an anti social mechanism amongst every other electronic device that keeps this generation preoccupied.

Gaming has never lost its market but simply integrated itself with the times. We are able to be more interactive and involved by playing virtual tennis with censored devices that detect our body movement. There are games that can help you lose weight and get you into shape by doing aerobics, jogging and so much more without leaving the comfort of your home. So since the good effects of gaming outweigh the bad it is a definite healthier alternative.

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