Nokia Buys Out France Based Competitor

nokiaBy: By: Snethemba Ngcobo

You, your friends and probably every adult member in your family has at some point owned a Nokia handset.  Not to assume too much, but that point was most likely during the late nineties, to the mid two thousands.  This was during a time at which Nokia monopolized the industry when it came to software development that was seamlessly combined with practical, eye-catching, and maybe most valued by their consumers, user friendliness.

Unfortunately for these consumers the companies rein came to an abrupt end in the late two thousands when Nokia missed the smartphone revolution, being one of the companies that missed the boat and were one of the last to start manufacturing smartphones. Immediately after this duzi Nokia even considered discontinuing their cellphone production, faced with bankruptcy, a buyout form software developer giant Microsoft became their lifeboat.

When Microsoft bought Nokia in 2013 and then changed the operating software from Sibian to Windows 8, Nokia started to make huge improvement in the handset sales department. Some, not many, loyal to the brand opted to return and give the new Nokia format a try. While most find Windows 8 overly complex others find it to be convenient for their busy work demanding lives.  So Nokia has a place in the market once again.

After this mini revival Nokia has made plans to capitalize and further increase the momentum of their renaissance.  On the 15th of April (2015) Nokia announced that an MOU had been drafted for the Finland based cellphone manufacturer to buy France based competitor Alcaltel-Lucent.   The deal values Alcatel at 16.6 billion dollars/15.5 billion euros. The main positives for the Nokia takeover of the company are, the potential growth in the company’s Research & Development department as a result of Alcatel-Lucent’s renowned Bell Labs.

It is yet still unclear if the Alcatel phones produced under Nokia will still use the Android platform or switch to Windows 8.  There has been some speculation that Nokia might indeed consider creating Nokia phones that operate on the Android system.

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