Vivaldi: Fancy New Browsing

vivaldi screenshot

By:  Snethemba Ngcobo

A new internet browser has hit the markets, created by the former CEO of Opera Mini, John Von Tetzchner, we welcome Vivaldi…The new browser has a whole lot of nifty features and functions that the commonly used Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox have not yet introduced; here are some of the cool capabilities as explained by the developers.

Adaptive interface: This allows for a more personalized aesthetic look, Vivaldi adapts to you not the other way around.   The Vivaldi color scheme will change like a chameleon depending on what app you are using e.g. if you are on Facebook it will change to blue, if you are using Verge it will be red. Above all this, the user can customize keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures. Tab stacks: On this browsing system you can choose to place your tabs on the top, bottom or on the sides of the window. Page tiling: Allows you to compare two or more pages at once, this can be displayed side by side or in a grid style. This makes for easy researching when one has to compare information on two or more different sites. Notes Panel: The notes panel is a feature where you can keep notes and add screen shots that you can refer back to later, this cuts down on time writing down notes manually and minimizes the loss of important reminders and found information. The notes can remember important websites, store attachments and so on.  Quick commands: With these, you can control everything you want ctrl+Q lets you research through open tabs, bookmarks, history, settings and more with one single keyboard shortcut Fully Integrated email:  The Vivaldi browser has built-in email. This email is said to be robust efficient, light-weight and good-looking. The built in email is called M3 so look out for it.

All the above mentioned features have opened up a whole new world to browsing. The Vivaldi platform offers new highs in customized browsing that allows flexibility and archiving like we’ve never seen before.  We can only hope that browsing speed is also part of its capabilities as this can make or break the popularity of an internet browser.


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