Silent Cyber Crime


By Palesa Sehloho

Cyber crimes could be defined as the act of theft through the internet or any electronic device. Virtual theft is usually done with the intention of compromising information stolen from unknown victims such as ID numbers, account numbers, addresses and cell phone numbers. These credentials are used to hack into your accounts, identity theft and fraud.

Cyber crimes come in many forms; the tech savvy age we live in allows so much of our information to be stolen. What most of us don’t know is the simplest online transactions we make could be in danger of a hacker looking for its next victim.

How data could be stolen from you:

Laptop theft: once your laptop has been stolen most of the time it is impossible to retrieve, your saved passwords become easily accessible and your entire life is served on a silver platter, accessing your accounts and purchasing.

Eavesdropping and wondering eyes: most of the calls we make are recorded and someone that is not authorised would be listening in on important information, as for wondering eyes it is best to be safe and avoid anyone entering any of your passwords.

Password hacking: sometimes it is impossible to avoid, but there are people out there that try to decrypt passwords for the fun of it.

According to Cybercrime.org.za electronic crimes are not just about stealing important information to get money from someone, but downloading music, movies and files illegally and posting them without the permission of the person it belongs to. Cyber criminals lure victims to fake sites which will lead them into giving up personal information by making their site look as legitimate as possible. Large firms are the most targeted victims of virtual crimes because of the amounts of information they withhold. It is important to know that anyone could become a victim to crimes such as these, at any given time.

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