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Disney bans “selfie sticks” off its premises


By Palesa Sehloho


Selfies have become a revolution, and a constant streak of trending stories of people taking selfies in a very life threatening or either compromising position. The creation of the selfie stick has now worsened the situations of selfies. A selfie stick is basically a long arm extension that you can plug your phone onto, to help you take better self-portraits and group pics.

Disney has confirmed that the selfie stick has been banned, not just from the rides but completely off its theme park premises. Disney has mentioned that the selfie stick could pose a risk to the theme parks mechanisms as well as the people. Vistors will now be asked to leave their selfie sticks at the theme safety lockers according to BBC news. A spokeswoman told the BBC: “Handheld extension poles have become a growing safety concern for both our guests and cast.”

Disney has not been the first to ban selfie sticks. Apple banned the audience from using the rod at its annual WWDC developers conference, so did the tennis club in Wimbledon with the fear that it might be a nuisance to others.

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