Viral crazes and mad meme’s – planking, owling and now, um, cat sandwiches?

From Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ spoofs to PSY’s Gangnam Style, some things just tickle our funny bone so much that we can’t help but succumb to endless views and multiple repetitions.

The ‘planking’ craze has been one of the bigger meme’s of the past two years.  The fad now seems to be fizzling out but not before thousands of people fed the hype machine by posting pics of themselves lying horizontally and face down in public places, across cars, on stairs, on banisters and benches to get photographed and posted on social networking sites – some of which boast over 100,000 images of ‘plankers’ from all over the world.  The entire purpose of this bizarre exercise is to join the army of plankers and add to the numbers.  So no real purpose then… A twenty year old man was killed in a planking incident in Australia when he fell from a balcony railing attempting to join the craze, prompting Australian policeman to warn the public that anyone seen practising ‘reckless endangerment’ will be arrested.


Planking –

Planking was swiftly followed by Owling, Teapotting and Horsemanning.  ‘Owling’, the next instalment of pointless exhibitionism on the internet, is done by squatting and perching like an owl.  Teapotting and Horsemanning are variations on the posing meme craze, with the end goal being a funny photo in an unexpected place.  The aim is to complete the pose so there is a humorous juxtaposition – like owling in an office for instance.


Owling –

Headless Horsemanning

Headless Horsemanning –

The latest craze is ‘cat sandwiches’, also pointless but undeniably cute.  In essence you’re hollowing out a slice of bread and placing it around your cat’s head, creating a cat sandwich. The official home of this Facebook community, ‘Putting bread on your cat, so that people think you have a walking sandwich’ started last year has 23,682 likes.  It’s a little scary to think what will come after this.

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