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The Maze Runner : The Scorch Trials




By Palesa Sehloho


In the next chapter of the Maze Runner saga – Scorch Trials, just when they thought it was all over the real challenge begins. As they venture into their new mission, in a new location things become unpredictable .Searching and following new clues, into the unknown of the powerful organisation known as WCKD.A nail biting film, the Gladers take on the leaders of this organisation to be led into new challenges which become more life threatening. The effects are pretty intense and leave nothing for the imagination. The estimated budget for the entire production is about $34 million of an overall gross of $340 million since the release of part one. This movie is not to be missed.



Action ,Suspense


Alexander Flores, Bryce Romero, Michelle Rodriguez

Release date :

24 September 2015


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