satoru_iwata_mario_luigi By Palesa Sehloho This must be the saddest day for all gamers around the world. The president and chief executive officer Satoru Iwata of Nintendo has died of cancer at the age of 55. It was reported that Mr Iwata had underwent surgery late last year and wasted no time getting back to work shortly after that. Despite Mr Iwata’s health he was on a mission to bring Nintendo back up, with top competitors Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox making top listings in the gaming industry. In more recent news, Mr. Iwata led Nintendo into the rapidly growing mobile gaming sector. After Nintendo released Wii U console it had been a very dry season until they introduced their mobile gaming staying true to Nintendo game lovers across the globe. It has only been a few months since their mobile game release on Smartphone’s and seems to be going steady. iwata_e3_nintendo_0

“Nintendo is really at a cross roads,” Marc Einstein head of digital media at Frost & Sullivan in Tokyo told the BBC. “They were the last company that for a very long time were clinging to the hardware business model of their consoles.”

Before Mr. Iwata became the president and CEO of Nintendo he was a programmer at Hal Laboratory before he joined Nintendo in 2002.Even when Iwata was not part of Nintendo before joining them, he assisted in programming Pokémon Stadium by reading the original coding of Pokémon Red and Green. We can only hope that the successor for Mr. Iwata will fill his shoes and do a great job of bringing life back into Nintendo as Satoru Iwata did. We are sure that Fusajiro Yamauchi (founder Nintendo) would be proud.

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