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The Smart TV


By Snethembab Ngcobo

The concept of smart TV has transcended from just TV that can connect to the internet to the buyer having to compare which pre-installed apps and an operating system would be best for them, before making a decision.  The ability to connect to the internet is still standard in the production of smart TV but now with the great plus of offering you a range of features and apps.


The Smart TV’s being released by the standard leaders like LG, Sony, Samsung and the more recent addition of Apple TV  come with applications and the choice to download more applications. Some have features like dual screen view so you can watch two shows at once (who would want to do that?) or pull up the web browser while you watch.  The applications are more aligned with the goals of real TV enthusiasts.

To elaborate, there are now social media apps that are made for the smart TV owner, one app is called Gowatchit, this app can search multiple sources to find out where and when you can watch a TV show or Movie or, if that fails, it can find out for you where you can live stream, buy or rent the program you want to watch. On the app users can also create a queue of what they intend to watch.

Another called Beamly, is a social network that gathers TV buffs, here users can discuss their favorite shows and checkout the latest showbiz news. As a user you can also follow particular shows based on your interests for personalized feeds. The app also suggests new shows for you to follow and watch based on your history.

Here is a link to the top selling Smart TV’s on the market if you’re ready for this kind of investment.


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