No teenage dirt bags here – new young millionaires in tech

Who knew that there would be so many young ones milking the tech trade for all its worth in a slumping global economy.  These young innovators are proof that the new currency of the day is a good idea so they set their sights high and their sites even higher.

The dot-com bubble may have burst over ten years ago but breakthroughs in technology, paired with a fearless approach to product creation and a knack for knowing what niches are still to be filled have landed these teens and twenty-something’s on top.  Here are some of the more interesting examples of young tech entrepreneurs.

Nick D’Aloisio (15 years old)

The native Londoner (pictured above) received his first computer at nine and was something of a prodigy from the get-go.  He began creating home-made movies with editing tools like Final Cut Pro which led to experimentation with application creation and eventually culminated in the ‘Trimit’ app, now today’s ‘Summly’.  Basically, the app summarizes data into bite size chunks of four hundred words, using algorithms that pick out key words and funnel relevant content from multiple sources (up to hundreds).  It’s a great tool for news readers, students or pop culture hungry kids (like D’Aloisio).  Information is filtered by category, Technology, Sports, Fashion, etc and so is useful for anyone wanting to get through a lot of content in a short time.  D’Aloisio is the youngest person ever to receive venture capital and with potential partnerships and licensing deals in the pipeline, he’s sure to see plenty more where that came from.

Daniel Gross (19 years old)

Daniel Gross, along with partner Robby Walker, created the ‘Cue’ app (formerly Greplin), after receiving a $4.8 million investment from Sequoia Capital.  The app allows users to search through their various social networks, emails and applications all at the same time, without having to trawl through the individual locations.  By using a provided keyword, the software allows easy searches about a desired topic or thread and gets you all the information you were looking for without the hassle, like a personal ‘cloud’ according to Wikipedia.

Daniel Gross

Daniel Gross (Cue) –

Peter Kieltyka and Jeff Brenner NuLayer (twenty-something)

These twenty-something creators of the ‘Crowdreel’ app saw an opportunity to curate the Twittersphere (as desired) and provide real-time consolidation of all the latest images posted across Twitter.  Users can search, share and add context to pictures in their existing Twitter network without all the hassle of looking for pics independently.  The app collects and categories images by search so you won’t miss out on relevant pics posted by people you follow, popular trending items or events.

Peter Kieltyka and Jeff Brenner NuLayer (Crowdreel)

Peter Kieltyka and Jeff Brenner NuLayer (Crowdreel) –

Even with all the over-hanging doom and gloom in the air, it seems Silicon valley can still expect waves of innovation from all corners (and ages).  After all, there’s no age limit on a good idea.



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