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You tweet, me tweet, we all tweet – the top ten retweets of all time

Of course nothing sets thumbs clicking like live results-based events (like an American election). Obama successfully topped the list of most re-tweeted tweets ever when he posted a pic of himself embracing Michelle, with the simple tag line – “Four more years”.  A fitting way to share the news after an election campaign with the most comprehensive social networking drive to date.  According to the BBC, 327,452 tweets related to the election win were posted every minute  that followed and the accompanying pic has officially become the most ‘liked’ photo ever posted on Facebook.  See who else made the top ten, as stated on Socialmediatoday.com.

10. “Welcome to the world princess Carter! Love Aunty Rih” – Rihanna (29,000 retweets)

With the ‘Rihanna Navy’ hovering over their screens at all times, anything Rihanna tweets ends up on top re-tweeting lists.

9. “SO, SO proud of @ddlovato #skyscraper Incredible, beautiful and so inspiring..” – Selena Gomez (32,000 retweets)

8. “The new song Skyscraper by @ddlovato is pure perfection. Her voice is one of the BEST undiscovered beauties. Can’t wait for the full record” – Katy Perry (33,000 retweets)

7. “Never be afraid to dream.” – Lady Gaga (34,000 retweets)

Gaga manages to cause a stir with everything she says and does, even regurgitated, second-hand pearl of wisdoms.

6. “Same-sex couples should be able to get married.”— President Obama” – Barack Obama (61,000 retweets)

I love it when the powerful use the power of micro-blogging to make an impact.

5. “A 15 year old girl who is terminal w/ cancer has made a bucket list. 1 of her wishes is to trend on Twitter. Give a RT #alicebucketlist” – Kim Kardashian (68,000 retweets)

Say what you will about her but she has a lot of pulling power attached to those hips, at least she uses it well every now and again.

4. “Manny Pacquiao I’m calling you out let’s fight May 5th and give the world what they want to see.” – Floyd Mayweather (89,000 retweets)

A good Twitter battle always attracts attention. In this case, an actual fight was called for.

3. “F*ck it NFL.. Fine me and use the money to pay the regular refs.” – T.J. Lang (98,000 retweets)

People have been suspended from duty, fired and indeed fined for blurting out sensitive information or rude one-liners across the Twittersphere but that’s proven to be nothing more than a slight inconvenience as shown above.

2. “RIP Avalanna. i love you” – Justin Bieber (200,000 retweets)

No surprises here. Just knocked off the top spot by America’s second-term president elect, Beiber continues his reign over the Twittersphere and indeed the world. Here he acknowledges the death of a young fan, cancer-sufferer Avalanna Routh, also known as ‘Mrs Justin Beiber’.

1. “Four more years” – Barack Obama (500,000 retweets)

Obama tweeted the message at around 4am GMT.  Since then it has been retweeted over half a million times.  Didn’t think anyone could beat Beiber to the top of any on-line list?  Yes he can.



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