‘Vibrative’ – inventive keyboard-less solution for the iPhone

Even with the screen size of handhelds increasing with every update and mini tablets narrowing the space required to work on the go, this creative ‘keyboard-less’ solution created by Florian Kraeutli is a concept that may spark interest with formal retail developers.

Kraeutli, still a student at Goldsmiths, University of London, developed the simple paper keyboard by measuring and assigning vibration levels to each character on the iPhone.  The result, once all of the keys correlate to a vibration, which works out the approximate location of the finger tap is a sort of virtual keyboard setup that sends a vibrating signal to the device. According to Kraeutli, the system gets it right ‘about 80% of the time’ but then again he only used a wooden desk and a better surface and custom accelerometer would increase the accuracy greatly.

It’s a good idea that frees up viewing space on the iPhone’s screen and little fold-up keyboards would be a welcome addition for people who still struggle to control the touch screen and would like something sturdier for long messages and emails.  Who knows, it may not be long before the ‘Vibrative’ is selling in stores.



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