When to wait: Why buying games at launch is a fool’s errand

2011 has seen a plethora of major hype-inducing game releases – which leaves the gamer with a whole lot of very difficult choices to make.

But, according to Ars Technica the buying of games when they are released is nothing but a scam as prices generally drop within weeks and 2nd editions often include what used to be for-pay downloadable content. Here are a few questions that they suggest you ask when trying to decide whether to buy now or wait:

  1. Is there a bunch of downloadable content already announced or on the way?
  2. How complex is the game and is it online?
  3. Is it open and are there modding tools?
  4. Is it a PC game?

Click here to read the full article and find out what answers you should be looking out for.

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