Xmas gifts and novelty knick knacks for the inner geek

The festive season is upon us again but with pre-Christmas tech spoilers like the iPhone 5 and the mini iPad coming out a little ahead of time, you may find that your gadget-obsessed better half has already indulged in a little self-gifting.  Not to worry, now that they’ve spent their own money on the pricey hardware, there’s plenty of cute and covet-able items to accessorize with this season.

Pac Man Paper clips

If you know someone whose office atmosphere could take a bit of a lift, then these colourful paper clips will provide some welcome comic relief. They retail at $14 for 20 clips on so they’re not the kind you’ll want to give away with every piece of paperwork but they’ll make a fun and frivolous gift for an office-bound arcade fan.

Pac man paper clips

Pac man paper clips –

The Smart glove

If you’re away this festive season and expect to find yourself in the midst of wintry cold, there’s a smart way to keep your hands warm while you click, drag and swipe across your touch screen. The smart glove, unlike the woolly pair your mother bought you, have conductive material sewn into the tips of the index finger and thumbs, providing easy touch screen usage on any device, without freezing your digits in the process.  Available at for £7.49.

Smart glove

Smart glove –

Tetris light

Creating new combinations with the separate pieces of this side lamp will have you playing the classic game of Tetris in a whole new way.  The pieces are illuminated as you stack them and the light will turn off when pieces are removed.  Adds a nice bit of colour to a room, with an undoubtedly geeky undertone. Available at for £29.99 (As pictured above).

Star Wars bookends

You would have to be a pretty big fan of the Star Wars movies to shell out $225 for these assault vehicle themed bookends, but I don’t think this cult film series is short of fanatical followers. Show your allegiance with these clever and functional additions to your book shelf.   Available at

Star Wars bookends

Star Wars bookends – Gentle giant

Floppy Disk Sticky notes

These throwback floppy disk look-alike post-its are a much more amusing way to take quick records and leave reminders for yourself.  They come in a pack of three in assorted colours and are available for $9.99 at

Floppy notes

Floppy disk post-its –

Star Trek socks

No geeky Christmas would be complete without this Star Trek stocking filler.  As far as presents go, socks are a yearly standard, almost as inevitable as the stuffed turkey and brandied pudding. So why not make a boring gift a reason for celestial celebration, with a pack of three pairs in Command Gold, Operations Red and Science Blue, because it can get a little stinky in the Starship Enterprise.

Star Trek socks

Star Trek socks –

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