Don’t wanna miss a thing – ‘1 second everyday’ app helps you bank your memories

It’s easy to forget that life is a temporary, fleeting state and it’s hard to take daily stock of what’s really important and live in those special moments.  The ‘1 Second Everyday’ application may be the answer to recording and carrying that nostalgia with you or even passing it on for future generations.

This has to be one of the more emotionally-inclined applications on the market, and definitely one of the sweetest.  The idea behind the ‘1 Second Everyday’ app is not dissimilar to the YouTube documentary ‘Life in a day’ that captured little segments of various people’s lives and amalgamated them into a string of seemingly mundane daily occurrences that actually made for interesting and heartfelt viewing.  This recording tool allows the user to film one second of everyday of their life (they can choose the desired second from recordings made), this is then accessed by the app which compiles these precious moments into nostalgic little films.  It’s a cute idea, expanding on your current Instagram and Facebook albums to include something a lot more personal that can be watched back by family members, colleagues and friends.  According to Mashable, ‘If you keep at it, soon you could reach feature length…ten years at one second per day equals roughly one hour.’  Okay so that can’t strictly be described as ‘soon’ but this is one way to have a laugh and reminisce at the end of the year, or month if you can’t wait that long.

1 Second Everyday application

1 Second Everyday application – Google

You can make reminders to record if you were in danger of missing a day, keep multiple time lines and back up any time stamp to the cloud, post on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Tumblr.  The idea is still in it’s infancy and creator Cesar Kuriyama is seeking funding on KickStarter but with luck and a little more money, the app should complete development and be available for mobile this year.


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