And you thought you had a nice car – the winner of the 2012 Car Tech Awards have spent countless hours reviewing almost 100 vehicles this years to find the car that most resembles the technologically-advanced car of the future.  Points were given for efficiency, ease of operation and revolutionary takes on standard functionality.  Not forgetting design.  Here’s the car that finished in poll position.

Introducing the 2012 Tesla Model S

Never heard of it?  Me neither.  Manufactured by Tesla Motors, a Silicon Valley-based company that produces electric cars and components, the Model S was released in the U.S. in June 2012. It went up against some tough competition, facing more commercially popular choices like the Audi S5, BMW 6401 Gran Coupe, Ford Focus Electric, Chevrolet Volt and the Toyota Prius C.

One of the most advantageous things about this car is its impressive energy efficiency.  While making comparisons between the Tesla Model S and similarly-priced combustion engine cars, Cnet found that it runs on ‘about 25 percent of the cost for gasoline in an equivalent luxury sedan.’  The amount of money likely to be spent in a year of driving the Model S is roughly $700.  Astonishing savings by all accounts.

Money aside, the in-cabin functions are impressive enough on their own.  There is an option of rear-facing seats in the boot area, these are additional to the standard front and back seats.  A touch screen ‘handles all in-cabin functions’, which means the little knobs and buttons you would expect to find on the dashboard are gone and you can control all your infotainment, Google maps and stream music from the internet like you would via 3G data connection on your smartphone. The 17-inch touch screen also displays visuals from the rear camera for easy parking, plus full internet is available although hopefully you’ll only use this while parked or let the front passenger search for you.  In terms of driving, reported little to no noise, even at full acceleration, easy handling and a generally good drive, with a great-looking, modern interior.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S interior –

Essentially there is a computer in this car, it’s smarter and more economical than similar electric vehicles and works better.  The streamlined design gives it a luxury aesthetic that means it looks good too and the electric factor means it’s a guilt free, green purchase.  Available from $51,000 for the standard model.

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