The top technology stories of 2012

It’s been a year of big updates and even bigger court cases, of new releases and corporate shake downs – here’s a look at the most memorable moments in tech for the year that was 2012.

Sisters doing it for themselves – Marissa Mayer joins Yahoo!

This year one of the world’s biggest search engines was looking for a new head and the appointment of thirty-seven year old Marissa Mayer set tongues wagging.  Having climbed the tech ladder from an early start as an engineer at Google, she made executive and joined Yahoo! as CEO in July as part of their bid to revitalise the company.

Blackberry crawl back from the brink of disaster

Research in Motion had to act fast when Blackberry’s market share plummeted further midst the fun and flashy offerings made available from more innovative companies like Apple.  Blackberry found it was no longer in the race and upped it’s sales by focusing on developing the business tools it’s known for and targeting faithful emerging markets like South Africa and Nigeria. Blackberry 10 devices have still not hit the market as promised and at this rate they will need to be ‘revolutionary’ in order to pull the company back up the leader board.

Facebook introduces Timeline

It’s weird how Facebook updates are always met with such suspicion at first, then seem completely natural in a couple of months.  Facebook migrated users onto the new interface and now we can barely remember what it looked like before.

4G sweeps (some of the) nations

It will be a while before everyone benefits from the lightning speed downloads promised by the new wave of mobile communication and it will also take some time for the service coverage to catch up to the hype.  That said, it’s an exciting time for smartphones and the future is bright and speedy for those on board.

Windows 8

The new Windows 8 platform launched this year, with hopes of bringing Windows up to speed in the world of mobile.  The operating system for desktops, laptops, and tablets breathed new life into Windows, with some pretty happy-go-lucky ads to go along with it.  Windows was in need of some freshening up and devices like the Nokia Lumia 900, although not wildly successful, helped to add a little colour.

Pinterest – a small business owner’s dream

Brimming with inspiration for creatives and free exposure for businesses, Pinterest proved to be a more than worthwhile avenue for bloggers, entrepreneurs and the general public alike.  Over a hundred million unique visitors every month and over ten million users enjoyed the sites’s vivid visuals this year and although the people at Pinterst admitted that ‘making money isn’t our main priority right now’, revenue from affiliate fees and linked purchases are ensuring they won’t end up in the poor house just yet.

Apple vs Samsung

This certainly wasn’t the only high profile legal squabble in the industry this year but with so much at stake for both companies, it certainly was the most nail-biting.  Having started as a call for a preliminary injunction that would stop Samsung from selling ‘copy-cat’ products, the case against Samsung listed endless functions and aesthetic details that Apple says were stolen to produce Samsung devices.  Apple won the first round but with multiple battles over its intellectual property and Samsung’s right to sell certain products in specific countries on-going, it’s a tricky situation that may never seem completely resolved.

How the mighty have fallen – Facebook in financial trouble

It may have come as a surprise to some but the social networking giant’s lack of focus in the mobile realm almost caused Zuckerberg himself to sell his shares.  They have since shifted their business model and strategies have been put in place to churn up more income through ads and improving their smartphone functionality.  The company also started trading a a public entity and although shares took a hit things are looking up.

There’s obviously a lot more that could be said for the year in review – new iPod’s, mini iPads, Google’s tax dodging shenanigans and cheap tablet take-overs to name but a few but let’s leave something to talk about in the new year when there’ll undoubtedly be more software and even more scandals to unveil.  Here’s to a happy 2013!



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