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Pinterest ‘mastermind’ sues for a piece of the pie

Just when we thought that the technology industry was done with lawsuits for the year, fresh claims that Pinterest is based on ‘stolen’ ideas emerge as the so-called mastermind behind the look and concept of the site takes Pinterest founders to court.

Theodore F. Schroeder claims that the Pinterest we have all come to know and love is loosely based on a site called RendezVoo, that he developed years ago.  The site began as a place where users could share their locations, opinions and general interests, incorporating these into ‘boards’.  The idea to curate these interests into easily-navigated boards with infinite scrolling was Schroeder’s idea, so he says. Failed attempts at making RendezVoo successful saw the project shelved but not before the concept was shopped around to inverstors, including venture capitalist Brian S. Cohen, who later met with the founders of Pinterest and allegedly used the basic RendezVoo framework to create the new service.

Geekosystem.com reported that a ‘Pinterest representative’ called the lawsuit ‘baseless’ saying ‘we will fight it aggressively.’  Meanwhile there has been no further denial or statements from them on the case of ‘unjust enrichment, misappropriation and breach of fiduciary duty’ brought against them.  Schroeder is seeking compensation in excess of $75,000, considering he worked on the RendezVoo concept for years, without funding and even postponed his law career to develop it.  Not a lot to ask f the allegations are in fact true.

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