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The killing game – Father hires virtual assassin to kill son’s avatar

In an equally commendable and comical move, a Chinese father known only as Mr Feng, has intervened to curb his son’s obsessive gaming in the most unusual way.

The Kotaku East blog, a site dedicated to Japanese gaming and ‘geek culture’ reported a premeditated murder of a different kind.  A frustrated father who had tried more conventional methods to ween his unemployed 23-year old son off continuous gaming finally  took measures to infiltrate the game and cut his son off at the source, hiring hit men within the game to kill off his son’s avatar, leaving him unable to proceed, at least for a time.  His son noticed the additional aggression towards his character and questioned the other players about their newly developed focus on him and why so many players seemed to be pursuing him so relentlessly.  Someone eventually spilled the beans and admitted that he was a target and there was a virtual ‘hit’ out on his avatar.

The news cannot have been taken well, assuming that Mr Feng’s son had indeed spent countless hours gaming and may have been quite far along.  The assassination is unlikely to end his son’s gaming career but at least the message has been made very clear if it was misinterpreted before.  Mr Feng and his son are said to have since reconciled.



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