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Broadband prices: SA vs the world

According to a report published on MyBroadband.co.za, South Africa measures up well against international average entry-level DSL tarrifs, but doesn’t do so well in terms of price-per-Mbp.

Point-Topic released their Q3 2011 Broadband Tariff Benchmark report, comparing broadband prices globally according to access technology and service descriptions.

Entry level prices

The report revealed that the average entry-level DSL tariff during Q3 2011 was USD 27.85 (R229) per month, down slightly from the previous quarter’s price of USD 28.19 (R231).

Year on year the price of entry level DSL products has however increased. The current price of USD 27.85 (R229) is 1.59 per cent higher than the average price of USD 27.42 (R225) over the same period in 2010.

The average cable modem monthly tariff was USD 28.79 (R236), unchanged from the previous quarter but down 1.55 per cent year-on-year from USD 29.25 (R240).

The FTTx monthly tariff was 1.27 per cent down year-on-year from USD 33.44 (R275) to USD 33.01 (R271). It was down slightly from the previous quarter when it was USD 33.66 (R277).

South Africans currently pay R199 for an entry level DSL product from Telkom, lower than the global average of R226 per month.

Click here to read the full MyBroadband article and see the rest of the ‘SA vs the world’ benchmarks.

Source: MyBroadband

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