Google search comes under fire from the E.U.

After recent accusations of tax dodging Google has once again managed to find itself in hot water with fresh complaints about the search engine ‘unfairly manipulating’ the positioning of searches.

The European Union’s competition chief, Joaquin Almunia is going up against Google and hope to force the company to change the ‘unfair’ way it presents results.  Almunia has accused Google of promoting links to its own services ‘above those of third party companies.’  The alleged ‘abuse’ of the search engine’s dominant online position would not only put third parties at a disadvantage but move Googles’s interests up the ranks, making them even more money (that they will probably not pay fair taxes on).  The outcome that the EU would want in this case, would ensure that Google clearly marked which links would direct users to its own services, making these search ‘manipulations’ as clear as day – something that may put users off using the service so much and diminish trust in the business and relevance of search results versus Google’s desire to monetize at all levels.

They have been given a month to propose appropriate changes to the way searches are handled, although the U.S. Federal Trade Commission cleared the company of any wrong doing and requires no action or changes from them Stateside.  So far Google have made it clear that they are happy to cooperate with the EU, so watch this space.



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