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Could incorrect Google Earth results be responsible for misdirecting hitmen?

Technology makes life easier for everyone.  And by everyone I mean EVERYONE.  You, me, terrorists and murderers alike, so when the tools we rely on so heavily are inaccurate, the implications can be fatal (for the wrong people).

The 2010 homicide case of Dennis and Merna Koula has attracted fresh attention, long after their son Eric, (who is currently serving two consecutive life sentences for the crime) was found guilty.  It seemed to be an open and shut case at the time – the wealthy couple were murdered, there was no evidence of robbery despite the abundance of valuables and the operation was carried out in the kind of methodical, premeditated way that could only be described as a ‘hit.’  Eric Koula reported the crime after discovering his slain parents and with investigations into his alibi coming up short, he was convicted for the murder that shocked their quiet Wisconsin community.  It didn’t help that Eric Koula was broke and reportedly “treated his father as an ATM” according to Cnet.com.  Koula swiftly cashed a $50,000 cheque not long after the murder, which added more fuel to his assumed-guilty fire.  Although Eric Koula admitted that he was in the practice of forging his father’s signature and this was no different to any other time, it looked bad to say the least.  Even with all of the above evidence, there always was something strangely inconclusive about the case – why would an intelligent man make such an obvious transaction so soon after the murder of his parents, particularly considering that he seemed to have a financial motive in any case?

Since then the police have been made aware of death threats received by a neighbour of the late Koula’s, Steve Burgess.  Burgess, the wealthy president of a local bank had been receiving threatening calls prior to the deaths and when his address is Googled the results show the Koula residence as opposed to the Burgess home.  The assassination-style murder of the Koula’s would suggest that it was no hasty crime of passion and the two confused addresses may well be the reason why the couple died in such mysterious circumstances.  It has not been confirmed whether Eric Koula is appealing or how far that process is, but the law may find that the only crime he committed was forgery, and perhaps being a poor relation.

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