Vertu Ti – Enter the £7,000 handset

The luxury mobile phone maker has pulled out more extravagant stops in the development of their new Android-powered device.  And with a tag line like “Nothing will ever feel the same” and the price tag at an eye-watering £6,994 – it better be like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

Except, if is anything to go by – it isn’t.  An interview with Vertu’s chief executive Perry Oosting sees the CE list the many ways in which the Vertu Ti is worth the shocking retail value, denying that the Honda-priced mobile is simply “a showpiece.” After seemingly failing to impress interviewer Aaron Heslehurst with the technical specs (which Heslehurst says have been compared with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone and found to be not much different), Oosting reminds us that Vertu products are about prestige and longevity not boring practical elements like technological advances, saying that “Vertu will never be at the bleeding edge of technology.”  That said, the phone would appear to have all you’d expect from a good handset but the real reason why someone (a wealthy someone) would invest (emphasis on ‘invest’) in a Vertu Ti is because of the trimmings.  The trimmings include voice and face encryption and a ‘concierge’ button that connects the caller with someone who can book hotels, find restaurants and generally give advice on products and services worldwide.  The handmade set also features top-stitched leather, un-scratchable sapphire glass and a SIM card holder inscribed with the name and signature of the person whose hands painstakingly assembled the item.

There are only 326,000 Vertu smartphone owners in the world so the Vertu Ti is in no way designed for mass production, not that the masses would be interested in a device this expensive unless they could drive it or live in it for at least six months.  But again,that’s not the point – as Perry Oosting said – “We don’t make massive numbers of phones and the price point is reflective of that.”


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