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The humorous side to hacking

It may not be so funny when, for example, an ex manages to crack your less than unpredictable security codes and read years of embarrassing (or incriminating) Facebook messages but there is something funny about a celebrity being subject to an innocent prank or a major corporation like Burger King finding their homepage advertsing burgers for rival McDonalds.

When Miley Cyrus’s Twitter was hacked by uninspired jokers, they tweeted that the young star only worked on Disney’s Hannah Montana for the money and that she hated children and had no intention of being a role model to any of them.  Years on, some of that may be true but in 2009 when the hack occurred it may have been a little embarrassing.  Even worse than embarrassment though, is when a hacker does something that affects the victim’s cash flow.  In the case of Guns N’ Roses’s Axl Rose, a hacker posted that the band’s European tour was cancelled, tweeting simply- “All upcoming Guns N’ Roses dates are officially cancelled. Please contact your place of purchase for any refunds.”  This was just ahead of the band’s first tour in four years and was not appreciated by their fans, followers or the band for that matter.  Luckily the ill-humoured post was retracted and the matter addressed.

More recently, Burger King had a lot of apologising to do after their Twitter account was hacked on February 18th.  The hacker/s posted messages stating that the business had been sold to McDonald’s, changed the account name to McDonalds and had the brand’s famous Golden Arches plastered across the page with a message that this had happened “because the whopper flopped.”  Additionally, there were racial epithets directed at @BurgerKing’s followers, according to Cnet.com.  Not so funny.

The ‘Anonymous’ hacktivists have taken responsibility for the hack but there’s no clear reason why they made these efforts yet.  Perhaps more hacks on burger chains are in their future, at which point the reason behind the strange campaign will make sense.


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