Want to make your own app? Here’s how with ‘Appmakr’ …

‘Appmakr’ is the ultimate app – an app-making application that’s easy to use, free and requires no coding knowledge.  Here’s how you can get in on the app action and create your own…

Firstly, if you need complex processes for your app, you’ll need to call the professionals because this point and click solution isn’t for you.  You can create an iOS or Android app and while permissions, restrictions and fees are different for both, the basic development remains the same.  You can design and populate your app like you would a blog, with classic, free design features or paid, bespoke features available for a more customised look and feel.  Any websites you have can be linked and those news feeds and videos can be feed through your app as well. Because of the basic nature of the development, Appmakr is ideal for people who want another channel to their existing online profiles – like bloggers who want an easy to use and mobile content channel linked to their posts.

What’s really helpful with this service is that you will have access to analytic’s that monitor downloads of your app, users can be set up to receive notifications and of course things like comments, video, images and the potential to monetize are all there.  As mentioned before it’s free to create an app but subscriptions will have to be taken out for monetization, to remove ads from apps, for custom wallpapers and custom feeds.  The bespoke, premium package will set you back $79 a month for as much freedom as you want but if that sounds like a lot of money to you it’s worth seeing how much you can do with the standard package beforehand.

Easy online tutorials for app creation are available on



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