Taking technology to bed – Are you a tech cheater?

Comparing constant use of technology to cheating on your partner may be over-stating things slightly but when we consider how many of us sleep with our smartphones, it’s not that far-fetched.

In a recent article titled ‘Is your technology keeping you up?’, beauty blogger ‘Miss Budget Beauty’ examined the impact her constant tweeting, vlogging, blogging and Facebook-ing had on her partner.  Not fortunate enough to be able to  blog exclusively, MissBB returns from work each night, feeds the kids and begins her secondary job as a digital writer.  This time spent away from her long-suffering partner is then topped off with social media catch-ups with friends.  It keeps her up at night and detaches her from her boyfriend to the extent that she’s considering enforcing “a tech free evening once a week.”  MissBB’s story is not unusual and in fact supported by a study that discovered that “1 in 3 would rather give up sex than smartphones.”

The study featured on also states that “90% of young people (18-29 year olds) sleep with their smartphones next to them” which disrupts sleep cycles, wakes them and their partner throughout the night and even stops the production of melatonin due to the bright light emitted from the screen.  So not only are young couples not sleeping as much as they should, not sleeping throughout the night due to incoming texts and screen brightness but they’re also not preferring this sorry state of affairs to time spent together.

The landscape of what is considered a healthy relationship is likely to change dramatically over the next ten years if this continues to be the norm – particularly if there won’t be very many children born, as the study suggests.



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