‘Social Me’ app uses your Facebook activity to gauge your personality

Depending how much time you spend on Facebook, for how long and how much activity you’ve had, it’s completely feasible that this information builds a pretty interesting picture of your personality, interests and character.  The question is, can you handle the truth?

Researchers from the University of Cambridge developed the Social Me app based on a personality quiz.  Using tell-tale indicators such as the number and nature of Facebook ‘likes’, they were able to determine a lot about the user’s inclinations.  After receiving your permission to extract useful data from your profile, the app develops patterns in behaviour and interests.  Your relationship statuses, news feed and friends’ interaction with you are used to build a general picture and pattern of your usage as well as more in depth personality profiling.’s Jam Kotenko took the app for a test run and discovered that she’s “extroverted and optimistic” based on her ‘likes’ and  word usage.  Her favourite topics are Movies, Travel, and Food and many of her communications are cultural in nature.  This wasn’t surprising as she is “a Filipino based in the United States who uses Facebook to keep tabs on family and friends.”  Social Me puts all your results into a neat graphical representation of your data and lets you know how it drew these conclusions of you.

One of the more shocking revelations is a word count that Social Me compares to well-known literary works – in Kotenko’s case, her Facebook word count over the years has accumulated to even more that C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  Sobering statistics for anyone trying to complete a book or dissertation – perhaps it’s time to log off social media and get to work.



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