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The next frontier: wrap-around iPhone display is the future

Apple love a patent and the new iPhone wrap-around display design was not going to get away without some advance legal protection…

The words ‘To infinity and beyond’ come to mind when the ‘infinite’ wrap-around display of the new iPhone is seen.  With no buttons and a continuous screen, this device has defeated the growing issue of screen space and ever-increasing inches we’ve seen on mobile devices of late. The patent, filed this week, gives details of Apple’s intentions for the new wrap-around screen, including the possibility of two screens on top of each other, giving “an illusion of depth perception… mimicking a 3D experience”.

The new design seeks to remedy the issue of limited screen space VS the largely under-utilised device surface area, which accounts for over half the size of the device.  The patent filing explains – ” The majority of portable electronic device manufacturers utilise a common form factor consisting generally of a flat planar form factor with a single surface dedicated mainly for use as a display surface, while the other surfaces remain largely unused, save for the occasional button or switch.”  What this boils down to is that the new iPhone will no longer leave the back of the device as dead space, thus providing more screen area, with both sides displaying information and responsive to touch.

The patented design will also feature rounded edges and curved surfaces rather than the rectangular block shape that has been used since the inception of the smartphone range.  There will be next to no physical control buttons, no ‘home’ button and no ‘hold’ button.  These will be replaced by multi-touch gesture controls.  Additionally the phone is planned to be flexible to the touch, fashioned from Corning’s new “Willow Glass”, so it can be bent under pressure but remain rigid.

No dates have been given as yet confirming the approximate release date of the phone.



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