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What does a convicted hacker do in prison? Tweet the details of his life behind bars

Self-proclaimed ‘internet troll’ and grey hat hacker, Andrew Auernheimer, alias ‘Weev’, was incarcerated following various hacks affecting AT&T among other companies.  He is serving a 41-month sentence and continues to tweet from the inside…

Apparently the U.S. has quite progressive views on inmate technology use.  Currently serving his sentence at New York’s Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center, Andrew tweets under the name  @rabite, using an inmate service called Corrlinks, which allows prisoners to email the outside world.  The system provides limited email access and is of course reviewed by federal prison officials before any emails are sent out but provides a way for inmates to communicate with the outside and each other for free.  In order to get his prolific (and some not so prolific) tweets out to the world at large, Andrew sends emails to a third party, Meredith Patterson, who then tweets on his behalf, although Twitter also has a program that allows for posts via SMS.

Andrew’s imprisonment follows a charge that includes exposing the data of 114,000 iPad users including those of Kathy Sierra, a programming author who received death threats after her address and social security number were published for fun alongside ‘a fake biography filled with misogynistic sexual innuendo.’  Based on this, perhaps access to the internet should be restricted for inmates serving sentences for hacking?  Nevertheless, Andrew  continues to amuse and distress in the Twittersphere.  He uses the platform to call for changes in cyber crime law (naturally), provides mundane details about his life in prison and complains about prison food (he suffers from Coeliac disease).

Here are some of the funnier tweets he’s posted –

“I haven’t even started filing pro se lawsuits. I have only begun to be a burden on tyranny!”

“The most annoying whiners in federal prison are white NORPs in for tax fraud. The coolest prisoners are bank robbers.”

“Tyrannical bail conditions restrain me no longer. I am starting a new Internet trolling organization. Who is in?”

“It took the federal government 12 years of struggle to put me in a prison cell. Along the way I cost them millions.”

“Anyone who wants the address for my pre-sentencing all night party in Newark tonight follow me and reply to this tweet. I will DM it to you.”

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