How to create a viral hit in 5 easy steps

Beginning with the premise that you don’t have an actual talent that people would otherwise pay to see in the physical world, i.e. you’re not Justin Beiber or Lady Gaga, there are a few easy ways, modesty and shame also set aside, that could get you millions of hits with minimum effort.

1.  Get a cat

Our furry feline friends have become internet sensations over the years.  Whether they’ve got bread on their heads, they’re sleeping in your bed, cuddling you, someone else, or each other, they seem to have ruled the viral world with their undeniable cuteness.  Cats mimicking human behaviour are a sure win for viral popularity.  Get a cat, put some glasses on it and set it at a table in front of your paperwork.  Extra points if it manages to look interested and authentic.

2.  Painful Accidents

Unfortunately seeing someone else trip and fall never gets old, especially if the fall is completely unexpected and as physically-awkward as possible. College students attempting great feats of cunning like riding bikes up home-made ramps or enjoying DIY slip-and-slides are good for accidents of this nature.  If you know someone who is about to make an attempt at such as feat, make yourself available for the potential fail.

3.  Make up a ridiculous dance

The popularity of the ‘Harlem Shake’ dance video, although disappointing is not surprising.  Over 17 million Youtube views later, the spoof Harlem shake phenomenon has sprouted thousands of versions all over the world.  The highly-animated dance, infectious soundtrack and silly costumes combine to create the perfect foundation for viral success.  The key here is that others want to re-create the dance so the original is always sought as a reference, thus garnering further hits for every new video.

4.  Super-sized Snacks and Eating competitions

Viral junkies are an entirely different kind of foodie.  Here, the more hilarious the eating process, the more popular the video is likely to be.  Stuffing a giant burger in your mouth, competing in a noodle-slurping competition or attempting the ‘cinnamon challenge’ for yourself are all ways to get noticed.  And nobody even cares if the food tastes good.

5.  Kids and babies

Nothing beats a small child doing something cute.  Observed in their natural habitat, toddlers make for very amusing videos.  Think of all the viral hits based on kids being kids, no script, no provocation, well, maybe just a little bit of a set-up if they have a favourite song or toy that usually results in amusing/ adorable activity.

For a triple whammy, combine kids, pets and food!  One million hits here we comes!

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