Top 10 Ways to Customise Your Technology

Let’s face it, technology is an inescapable part of our everyday lives a whether you are a complete novice or an advanced technophile; you still want the technology you use to reflect your unique style. has compiled a list of their top ten ways to customise your computers and smartphones, both inside and out:

10. Add custom keyboard shortcuts to your OS

Mac users have Quicksilver and Windows users have AutoHotKey to provide them with a means of creating custom shortcuts. These are capable of all kinds of things from opening applications to running scripts. Lifehacker has nine great Quicksilver ‘triggers’ and a quick crash course in AutoHotKey scripting to get you started.

9. Use Icons and Wallpaper to Get Organized

Setting your desktop wallpaper and changing your icons are both quite standard, as customisations go, but you can take it even further. Lifehacker has some really nice productivity-centric wallpapers and gridded options (for something a little more subtle). Windows’ Fences app keeps icons neat and tidy and there are ways to optimise folders on Mac to tidy that messy desktop up.

8. Customize Your Smartphone’s Home Screen

You want your smartphone’s home and lock screens to look good and be as functional as possible. Lifehacker has a large collection of homescreens that you can copy or learn from to make your own.

7. Make a Chrome Extension

You can customise your browsing experience with extensions but sometimes the functionality that you want doesn’t exist. Lifehacker has a handy guide for how to create a Chrome extension is your that way inclined (we advise checking out the coding lesson first, though).

6. Get a Better Android Keyboard

Android’s default keyboard has not exactly received rave reviews. But there are a lot of other options available and Lifehacker has a great piece up on how to choose one.

5. Repurpose Older Technology to Create Newer, More Unique Gadgets

Lifehacker has featured plenty of ways to upgrade old tech. There’s more than enough for a year’s worth of weekend projects.

4. Make a Custom Case for Your Smartphone, Tablet, or Laptop

There are services that offer the ability to create custom cases with your own. For iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads UncommonunYOUsualArtsCow; while for selected Blackberry and Android devices, there’s Zazzle.

3. Customize Your Favorite Websites with Userscripts and Userstyle

Userscripts and userstyles can be used to enhance the aesthetics or functionality of some of your favourite web site. Respectively, they are little additions of JavaScript and CSS that can be installed directly in some browsers or through plug-ins. There are many available on the web, but if you have development skills you can make your own. Check out Lifehacker’s great guide on userscripts and userstyles.

2. Completely Customize Your Smartphone’s Interface

Android gives you the option of choosing a custom ROM and on a jail-broken iPhone you can use an app called Dreamboard to install detailed themes. There are some amazing options out there that can add unique interface elements, new features, and a more preferable design.

1. Create an Amazing Customized Interface with Rainmeter (or Similar Tools)

Rainmeter on Windows, GeekTool for Mac users and Conky on Linux can create some amazing customisations. You can take virtually any live information – e.g. the date and time or your Twitter feed – and integrate it into your desktop in just about any way imaginable. Additionally, you’ll find tools like Rocketdock (Windows), Bowtie (Mac), Growl (Mac and Windows), and great wallpapers to help you add plenty of fantastic interface elements to a desktop that’s uniquely you.


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