The end of the iPod? Cordless ear implants could be the music lover’s dream

Your morning run may have just become a little less cumbersome. Rich Lee, a 34-year old salesman from Utah in the U.S has created a cordless music player with the help of a couple of magnets.

Rich Lee enlisted the expertise of a ‘body modification’ expert to develop the cordless system which involves two magnets transplanted into his ears. The magnets are invisible and work with a wire coil worn around the neck and your phone or music player jacked up with an amplifier. The wire coil receives the sound that creates a magnetic field that in turn causes the magnets in the ears to reproduce the sound.

After Lee began to lose sight in his right eye inexplicably, he became interested in ‘grinding’. ‘Grinders’ are a community of a few hundred people who seek to improve and augment their bodies with the use of technology. Lee also has plans to create an ‘ultrasonic rangefinder’ which would give him bat-like echolocation should his sight continue to deteriorate. This is all part of Lee’s wider plans not to be “caged by DNA” but continue to strive for “self-augmentation and enhancement”.  X-ray vision, super-human strength and “anything else that gene therapy or technology  might be able to offer” are all part of this plan, according to

See a short video by Rich Lee on how to achieve cordless earphones here

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