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MWeb network gets major upgrade

Internet service provider MWeb is now running a 10Gbit/s connection between South Africa’s three biggest cities through what it calls a “four-phase infrastructure and backbone upgrade”.

TechCentral reports that according to MWeb CEO, Rudi Jansen, the first phase of the upgrade involved upgrading MWeb’s link between its data centres in Gauteng and the Western Cape. The link will provide improved performance for Cape Town customers who host e-mail at its Johannesburg data centre, and for Johannesburg subscribers accessing websites hosted at the data centre in Cape Town.

The second phase resulted in MWeb building a direct link into Telkom’s Internet Protocol Connect service in Durban, which provides access to the fixed-line operator’s broadband digital subscriber line network – previously Durban customers were being served from Johannesburg.

In a move that has included building a 10Gbit/s connection between Johannesburg and Durban and a similar line from Durban to Cape Town, Teraco’s data centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town to are also being connected to its own new facility in Durban by MWeb.

The third phase, according to Jansen, will offer open peering options for other Internet service providers at Teraco’s Durban data centre – with the final phase of the upgrade involving MWeb’s purchase of additional bandwidth on the Seacom submarine cable system.

“Our total international capacity is now in excess of 23Gbit/s across the Seacom and Sat-3 cables,” says Jansen.

Source: TechCentral

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