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Supermarket flash mob honours the late Nelson Mandela

In the spirit of togetherness that the late, great freedom fighter was celebrated for, a flash mob organised by the Soweto Gospel Choir convened in a sleepy Woolworths supermarket in Johannesburg to honour Nelson Mandela with a touching song of remembrance.

The hauntingly beautiful serenade involved members of the Soweto Gospel Choir posing as supermarket staff, busying themselves between the aisles and fruit stalls of the grocery store before chiming in one by one and gathering at the store’s entrance to bid the ex-President farewell. Pleasantly surprised shoppers and genuine supermarket staff paused to pay homage as the choir sang the popular freedom song ‘Asimbonanga’ (We have not seen him), sang during Mandela’s long incarceration.

The song, once of hope of the revolutionary’s homecoming now bids him farewell and had many onlookers in tears for the duration of the moving piece. See full footage of the inspiring flash mob here.

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