Traditional TV could be the internet’s next victim

With the emergence and rise of convergence, some traditional forms of media have had to struggle to ride the wave. According to The Observer’s John Naughton – the dual influences of YouTube and ‘smart’ television sets could mean that broadcasting’s days are numbered.

Naughton argues that while widely-held theories were that convergence was eventually going to be centred around a particular device (which device differs depending on who you ask), in reality convergence is already happening – and has been for a while – around the internet. The survival of any device is now dependent, therefore, on what sort of link or window it provides to the net.

According to him, one of the hardest hit will probably be television. With the shift from the traditional one-to-many model of traditional broadcasters to the mass broadcast capabilities of YouTube, comes a real and present danger for TV as we know it. Add to that, YouTube’s recent moves toards the content-creation space and the broadcasters could very well have a serious problem on their hands.

To view Naughton’s article, click here.


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