Talking Ted puts the big screen in your little hand

Now this is the broadest use of multimedia I’ve seen in a long time.  A movie requiring special effects to bring to life a foul-mouthed teddy bear also enlisting the help of mobile app’s so prospective viewers can interact with the animated character ahead of  the film release.  ‘Ted’ the movie may just have opened up a can of advertising worms that seems so logical now.

Because ‘Ted’ is directed by Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy, we already know that whatever this little bear has up his furry sleeve is probably laced with bad language, bad manners and whatever else bad a children’s toy can do to be as controversial as possible.  Mark Wahlberg (John) and Mila Kunis (Lori) star in the toilet humour film that sees a young boy’s wish for his teddy to come alive granted thanks to a perfectly-timed shooting star.  Years later the two are still fierce (and annoyingly juvenile) friends whose close relationship and particularly Ted’s vulgar behavior is driving a wedge between John and Lori who have been together for some years and intend to marry.  Things come to a head when the struggling couple discover Ted with four prostitutes, in the middle of a rather disgusting game of truth or dare.  Needless to say a fair amount of gross-out ridiculousness ensues.  The clever part is how the near-addictive applications so successfully promoted the obnoxious character to build a greater amount of hype for the movie.

Talking Ted

This app does just what it says on the tin, allowing you to control Ted’s actions and make him repeat your favourite lines from the movie. By tapping him or any of the icons available to you, you can make him smoke, drink, or hear him talk.  Create a video to share with any of your friends you think would appreciate something like this…Apparently a lot of these people exist.  The app is designed for use on iPhones and iPads and is free (although suggestive themes means it comes with a 12+ rating).

Talking Ted

My Wild Night With Ted

‘My Wild Night With Ted’, available for iPhones for free, allows you to add a virtual Ted to any of your photos or take new photos on your night out, pick your favourite Ted pose and drop him in.    Photo adjustment tools make it extremely believable, so share away and no one will doubt you went out drinking with a stuffed animal.  It’s so simple it sounds like it wouldn’t be fun but iTunes customer ratings of 4.5 out of 5 and customer reviews including words like ‘obsessed’ would prove otherwise.

My Wild Night with Ted

Both apps were available as the movie released and were used extensively by the looks of things. Perhaps this will be a trend for all movies in the future, not just the ones involving game-like plots or special effects.  We could see drinking apps for the next ‘The Hangover’ installation or dating apps for the next romantic comedy as standard advertisement tools in the future.


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