‘Mingleton’ – Move aside Tinder there’s a new dating app in town

This week we were presented with further evidence that we are completely incapable or absolutely unwilling to meet people the old fashion way. ‘Mingleton’, a new smartphone dating app, makes the search for everlasting love (or temporary acquaintance) that much easier by connecting you with people in your immediate vicinity.

The brainchild of two Harvard graduates, Obi Ekekezie and Joel Ayala, Mingleton will take on the likes of Tinder and Grindr, with location-specific functionality that allows anyone single and ready to mingle to find a match right here and right now. Turning bars, clubs, stadiums and other public venues into romantically-charged fishbowls, the app makes light work of meeting someone like-minded and perhaps even special.

mingle screenshot

Mingle on iTunes

With the help of iBeacon and Bluetooth technology, Mingleton connects the user with potential love matches that really are ‘right around the corner.’ Underpinned by Facebook contacts, the user is assigned a beacon configuration that is detected by other users when they tap the ‘See who’s nearby’ function. A ping will go out and if the detected user is a match – based on their Facebook age range and gender (there are plans to work with more advanced data) – the app will allow the user to see more detailed information like mutual friends, etc.  Mingleton will only release this information if both parties’ stated preferences are met and both express a desire to ‘mingle’, thereby taking out the unsafe, ‘creepy’ factor. It’s free while the app gains momentum and users so download today if you’re single and after a modern solution to an age old dilemma.

Mingleton is available for free on iTunes.



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