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Leaks and sneak peaks: iPhone 5 rumours

Nothing like a little corporate espionage to get techie tongues wagging and consumers anticipating their next unnecessary upgrades.  Apple has fallen prey to leaks and disloyal insiders yet again, much to our excitement.  Take a look at what’s rumoured to be on the cards for the sixth generation of the iPhone.

Enlarged Display

Although it’s undeniable that smart phones require larger screens than the traditional two-dimensional cellular, I am of the firm belief that the sizing of these multi-functional beasts is getting out of control.  Samsung has by far taken the biscuit with the ridiculously-proportioned Galaxy Note, at a palm-stretching 5.3inches – dangerously close to taking the ‘mobile’ out of mobile phone.  Apparently, the next iPhone will see a thirty percent increase in its viewing area, from the 3.5 inches that has been its standard since we first saw the device in 2007, expanding modestly to 4 inches.  An increase in the number of pixels is expected to maintain the same ‘retina’ pixel density which would require a change to the same detail-rich technology as used on the iPad.  While this makes for easier viewing, the iPhone will not cross the size line into cumbersome Samsung territory.  Nevertheless, the space between mobiles and tablets is shrinking quite dramatically.  Competition may soon start between small tablets and huge smart phones, particularly with the mini iPad on its way in (at just 7 and a bit inches wide).  Gone are the days of slipping your phone into your clutch for cocktail happy hours, ask your boyfriend to keep a jacket pocket free for you or expect to be unconnected until you get home.  See the size of the 4S vs the new iPhone 5 below in the latest of supposed leaked prototype dimensions.


iPhone 5 size


Redesigned casing and connector

A new look is about due after the iPhone 3 through to the 4S were aesthetically, quite similar. The new edition to the family will not look completely unlike its predecessors but will incorporate metal and be slightly thinner.  The dock connector will also be slimmer with a reduction from the current 30-pin dock to just 19 pins.  While this frees up internal space for hardware, it will now most probably render your artillery of spare iPhone, iPad and iPod cords null and void, as well as your docking accessories.  A questionable decision that may make us think twice before investing in a wide range of accessories next time around…

iPhone5 metal casing


Faster, better, stronger

There were speculations that the new installation of the iPhone would have significantly more RAM, 1GB to be exact.  It makes sense considering the obscene amount of apps available now and the increased storage and multi-tasking ability we need for these.  A quad-core processor will increase general velocity and 4G LTE connectivity (available on most other smart phones) will provide faster data speeds.

The highly-anticipated device should only see the light of day in September, so until then all of the above remain nothing but speculation and rumour – although on good authority.  According to Examiner.com, Terry Gou, CEO of Hon Hai (owned by Foxconn, the world’s largest manufacturer of electronic components and producer of the iPhone) urged “consumers to wait for the launch of the iPhone5″ saying that “Apple’s iPhone 5 to put Samsung’s Galaxy III to Shame…”  he also added that “it’s his life’s work to beat Samsung.”  – so this is in no way to be taken as an objective, unbiased statement.  It seems obvious that with Samsung out-doing the iPhone in sales this year, the increase in size will have to happen as a response to that fierce competition.  That said, anything could change between now and then so don’t throw out your cute 4S-sized rubber cases just yet.




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