Now you can test-run your Insta pics for likes before you post them

So we’ve accepted we’re not all capable of an Ellen DeGeneres-style, Twitter-crashing, multi-celebrity selfie, in fact, we need as much help as we can get if we’re trying to rack up those precious likes. Even digital favourites One Direction didn’t manage her 3 million retweet record. Luckily, a new site engineered by MIT researchers serves to assist us in the not so delicate art of successful self-promotion on Instagram

Ellen DeGeneres Celebrity Twit pic -

Ellen DeGeneres Celebrity Twit pic –

There’s no handbook for taking the perfect Instagram pic – the kind that goes viral, garners likes and follows and even elevates your social standing. If your audience is falling short of your great expectations you could benefit from this useful tool that allows you to test-run an image ahead of sharing. The program works by using data gathered from 2.3 million images from Flickr to create an algorithm that rates pics on a scale of 1-10 based on their colour, texture and the objects present in them. The degree of ‘positive impact’ the images create is then matched up with their content and social context.

From this wealth of imagery and the positive impact created by them (i.e. bikini-clad models and cute kittens will score highly), the system can reliably predict the popularity of your selfie, holiday snap or plate of froufrou food by the colour, gradients and related social cues it interprets. Giving you the most scientific approach to Instagramming you’ve has thus far.

Test-run your Instagram pics, click here while it’s still free!


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