Positive signs for IT and Telecoms job-seekers

The September 2011 Career Junction Index (CJI) reveals an increase in demand for IT and Telecommunications professionals in South Africa – with the rise in the latter coming after a period of sharp decline.

The Index gives a snapshot of the latest recruitment supply and demand trends in South Africa based on statistics gathered from the CareerJunction job portal. “The CJI represents online labour dynamics in South Africa by providing a detailed analysis on the relative ratio of supply and demand in the online job market”, states the CJI report.

The September Index remained below 100 index points, indicating increased competition for jobs among career seekers whilst recruiters gained access to a bigger talent pool. Career seeker numbers have increased quite considerably over the last six-month period as more professionals are searching for jobs.

Demand for IT professionals showed a marked increased since June 2011. The report also shows that, while the sector boasts a very large workforce, Software Developers, Business Analysts and Software Testers are in short supply. Overall the IT sector comes second only to Finance in terms of demand. The report also classifies the sector as posing difficult recruiting conditions as a direct result of supply not fully meeting demand.

Meanwhile, Telecoms – despite the considerable growth in demand – still shows an over-supply in terms of the workforce. This makes the sector extremely competitive, putting the advantage in the hands of the recruiter as opposed to the job-seeker.

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