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Coming soon – Twitter TV

Tired of being a springboard platform from which other businesses catapult their campaigns into the stratosphere, Twitter is currently in talks with Hollywood execs to create its own original content including a series of  reality shows in the style of “The Real World”.  If like me you are entirely obsessed with the extravagant, self-indulgent and self-deprecating lives of others, their friends, colleagues and family – this will be music to your ears.

The technicalities

The two-liner, ‘micro-blogging’ social networking site will have to expand to include stand-alone pages where users can view the ‘TV’ series.  According to AdWeek.com, there has also been talk of the programs being ‘aired’ via tweets that can be clicked into to reveal the full shows in an expanded video player, with audience Twitter participation of course.  Naturally the potential for advertising revenue is huge.  Investors would get product integration and promotional tweets running in the feed – not unlike the VH1 and MTV reality shows that plug music from their own artists (and provide hashtags for audience participation).  Twitter makes a great deal of it’s money through promoted tweets and selling the rights to publish live tweets on trending topics, so this kind of brand/ entertainment integration will be a huge money-spinner for them.  Not surprisingly one of the producers behind the MTV reality show, ‘The Hills’, is said to be behind this new venture as Twitter won’t be developing the content themselves.

The Hills

MTV’s The Hills – Google.com

Tech and TV are by no means new to each other.  YouTube has original content available made specifically for them along with numerous channels to click through.  For people with very specific interests these channels have replaced traditional TV that now seems dictatorial in terms of choice.  In other tech-based TV news, Bravo TV (who brought us the ‘Real Housewives’ series) are currently filming a reality show based in Silicon Valley, revealing the difficulties and triumphs of people working in the industry.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo’s announcement earlier this week may have hinted at the company’s plans to become more involved in live events (like the Olympics), requiring a new platform push, moving away from a world where companies “build off of Twitter, to a world where people build into Twitter.”

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