The future of nostalgia – throwback technology for retrofiles

The words ‘retro’ and ‘high-tech’ just don’t seem to go together do they?  Strangely, this glossy, glassy, LED-lit world we live in is creating a longing for a simpler time full of colour and childish simplicities.  Without compromising function for form, these clever gadgets and accessories are taking us back.

The Cassette tape

The Sony Walkman, launched in Japan on July 1, 1979 was the iPod of the past.  Cassette tapes definitely had their cons and many will remember trying to repair a crumpled spool or two. Your hand-written mix-tapes may be gone for good but you can always re-live the good old days with a neon cassette tape iPhone case.

iPhone Cassette case


Pinel et Pinel


The Arcade game

Armed with sixty classic gaming titles including Pacman and Space Invaders, Pinel & Pinel’s ‘Arcade 80’s Trunk’ is a luxury remake of the personal gaming systems.  Boasting high definition, a wide LCD screen, excellent sound, a calfskin exterior that can be customised to suit your personal tastes and iPhone dock, old-school gaming enthusiasts can have an authentic experience while enjoying the perks of the here and now.

At 16,000 Euros a piece, the Arcade trunks are definitely not child’s play.


The Polaroid camera

The Polaroid Z2300  instant camera with vintage looks and modern functionality, works the same as any new camera you would buy today, with an LCD screen and 10 mega pixels.  Like the original version there is an option to switch from digital to the built-in printer function that allows you to get your pics instantly.  These will measure 2×3 inches and will emerge from the side of the camera to give you instant Polaroid satisfaction while giving you the digital gift of foresight so you won’t have to cross your fingers for a good result every time you take a photo.

Polaroid camera

The Radio

A dock with a difference – this retro audio system in warm, woody walnut looks like something straight out of the 60’s and has a sound that focuses on providing a natural acoustic feel.  The Roberts Sound 100 features an iPod/iPhone dock, a CD player (if you still have any of those), DAB and FM radio, six-position equaliser, touch controls, a multifunction remote and clock functionality.

Roberts audio dock

 The Book

Ok, so you won’t have the luxury of cracking the spine or turning the pages with the lick of a finger but these classic novel covers for the Amazon Kindle will allow you to feel like you’re carrying around a vintage paperback, while you have hundreds of titles tucked under your arm, restoring some old world charm to literature.

Kindle covers


Whether you’re still stuck in the past or just need to soften up your modern wares with a warm, whimsical twist, you’re sure to find a vintage spin-off for just about everything you have – so you won’t have to live completely in a cold, digital world.


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