Sneaker geek – a look at Nike’s Hyperdunk Plus tech-integrated sports shoe

If you thought you had enough going on with your fitness apps, recording your gym work and running activity you were wrong.  Nike has taken their Plus range one step further and made the most technologically integrated sportswear shoe to date.

The Nike Lunar Hyperdunk+ was created primarily for basketball players and at-home b-ball fanatics.  Using existing Nike+ apps and NikeFuel, wearers can track their performance, game stats and progress by syncing their plays on-line.  With the use of built-in Bluetooth sensors that fit into slots inside the soles of both shoes, along with the iPhone app, the shoes provide more reliable and accurate movement tracking than existing wristband trackers.  The Bluetooth sensors are removable and connect to the iPhone making it pretty easy to retrieve readings recorded by the four pressure sensors in the shoes.  Just charge the sensors, slide them into your sneakers and press the heel to activate them and connect them to your device and Nike+ Basketball application.  By measuring your time played, how high you can jump, how quick you are (by recording the number of steps you take per second and in the game time as a whole) you will get a good idea of your progress through game comparisons and your NikeFuel score and see where you peaked or began to fade.  You can also pause and re-start the app for time outs so there’s no excuse to cheat.

Nike Hyperdunk

Besides increased accuracy and very niche functionality specifically for basketball training, you can also share and compare with friends, adding a little more competition to the game.  Nike will also be publishing the stats of well-known players like Lebron James, so you’ll be able to see how far you have to go before you can turn pro…  Remember though that these pros are also cons in that you won’t be able to compare unless your friends have also invested the whopping $250 for the Lunar Hyperdunks.  Unless you’re extremely into basketball the price tag is off-putting considering the shoes are really specific and you won’t be needing a pair of electric blue high-tops for anything else.  The Bluetooth wireless connection is also said to be a little temperamental at times.  That said, if Lebron James’s endorsement is anything to go on, basketball fanatics will definitely appreciate a little more tech in their step.






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